Godfrey Harris

Godfrey Harris

Church Administrator


Godfrey is the Church Administrator and is in the office in the mornings from Monday to Friday.

He is also the Church Secretary reporting to the Church Executive and the Church Members as a whole.

Godfrey officially retired in Howick in 2009.  Prior to 2009 Godfrey worked in the Financial Services Industry for almost 40 years with FNB.  He worked in Howick in the 1980`s as the accountant of FNB and in the 1990`s as the Branch Manager.

During the 1990`s Godfrey was a Deacon at our church as well as the Church Treasurer.

He is married to Cheryl and they both grew up in the small Transkei village of Butterworth.

They have three children, two sons both married, one living in London and the other in the process of emigrating to Australia.  Their daughter also lives in London.

Godfrey and Cheryl enjoy caravanning and travelling when possible as well as visiting their family home in Morgan Bay.

Contact Info

Phone : 033 330 5943
Email : godfrey@howickcommunity.co.za