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What We Believe about Missions

Missionaries don’t need “support” – they need to be cared for!

… and caring involves so much more than just handing out some money!!

When we (HCC) adopt a missionary, we find someone who believes in their ministry and who is willing to champion them within HCC. This champion doesn’t work alone because there’s too much for one person to do, so he or she will have a group to help in caring for their missionary.

What is a missionary champion?

To champion a missionary within HCC means that you take on the responsibility for maintaining and growing that missionary’s relationship with HCC. It’s helping the church not to forget the missionary, but rather to understand and appreciate what the missionary is doing. Communicating with HCC could be though inserts in the HCC newsletter, or prayer requests on the bulletin, or standing up front in a service… The champion also helps to keep the Missions Committee up to date with what’s happening in the missionary’s life. But being a champion most importantly involves genuinely caring for the emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of the missionary – it’s about supporting, drawing alongside, and encouraging that person/family.

In essence, it’s about caring, communicating, and coordinating – BUT this is way too much for one person!

What is a missionary care group?

The missionary care group is a few people who also believe in their missionary’s ministry, and who are willing to work together with the champion, their leader, to fulfil this mandate of caring, communicating and coordinating for this missionary.

They enter into a caring / loving relationship with him/her/them. Everything they do flows out of this relationship. If possible, this will be a group formed for the sole purpose of caring for the missionary – where members will usually come from inviting all the missionary’s existing prayer and financial supporters within HCC as well as anyone else who is interested. (The group could be formed from an existing cell / Bible study group – but not everyone in that cell / Bible study group will necessarily be interested in the missionary.) People who are not part of HCC are welcome to be part of the care group if they wish to do so, but the champion will be an HCC person.

Neither the champion nor the care group are to shoulder all the missionary’s needs and burdens, or to attempt to solve all the missionary’s problems! Regularly communicating (by telephone / email / and/or Skype), listening, encouraging, showing an interest, being a shoulder to cry on, providing practical help or guidance where needed, praying (faithful and faith-filled prayer support is the most important part of practical caring!), helping the Missions Committee to organise this missionary’s visits to HCC, … are all part of what the group does.

Caring for a missionary should NOT be a heavy burden! If it is, then something is wrong and the Missions Committee will need to work with the group to get them back to a healthy place of caring.

Please get involved with our missionaries

There is a Biblical principle of reciprocal blessing, which means that people are themselves blessed when they bless / minister to others. So have a good look at “Our Missionaries” on this website! If you are interested in being part of a care group for any of our missionaries, please contact that missionary champion – they will be delighted to have you join the care group!


The HCC missions’ policy was put together in July 2015 by the Missions Committee of Howick Community Church:
  • Wayne Twigg (Chairman)
  • Linda Twigg (Secretary)
  • Ros Tessendorf
  • Hannes Mentz
  • Roland Gevers