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Howick Community Church – Building the Body


  • Newcomers and those who are part of the furniture!


  • Your introduction to our church is perhaps overdue!

What is it about?

  • A review of what we believe, who we are and what we stand for.

So that:

  • You are encouraged to a greater sense of belonging!


  • The Basics of our faith
  • The history and structure of our church
  • Baptist Union –what and why?
  • Baptism and Membership
  • Prayer, Giving, Small Groups
  • Christ centred living, Serving

The Cost:

  • Two and a half hours of your time
  • Materials and refreshments are provided for, so please book

To book:

  • Write your name on the list provided at the back of the church OR
  • Call the Church office: 033-3305943 OR
  • email:   mike.alida@mweb.co.za

2019 Course Dates: 

  • 24 February (11:00-14:30)
  • 18 May (14:00-17:15)
  • 11 August (11:00-14:30)
  • 9 November (14:00-17:15)

Some feedback from those who have been:

I really appreciated Building the Body. I have been attending Howick Community Church for 16 years. As we are a multi community orientated church and there are so many people from other denominational backgrounds I think this course is invaluable in guiding the foundations of biblical beliefs that Howick Community are based on. It also helped me understand about membership – instant change of my plodding along attitude because it didn’t seem to be a particularly necessary action before – I wasn’t really fussed about voting or not.  The course opened my eyes to why we need to firmly be committed and belong in order to enjoy the benefits (being fed by the word every Sunday, fellowship and also support / care) which I casually took for granted till now.  Lastly, the reinforcement that everyone has a part to play as part of a body –it is good to help people understand that everyone has a talent / skill that can and should be used. Over all…. A very valuable, well put together short course.

Sharon Manser


We have been attending services for just over a year now after relocating from the Hilton Christian Fellowship Church in Hilton. The idea of attending the course was a bit daunting at first but we felt that we needed to know how this Church functions.

For us we found that the Church needs to function efficiently to meet the Spiritual needs of the body and to build a bonding relationship with other members of the body.

As we went through the course we were impressed by the emphasis on small group involvement where you get to know a group of people more intimately and are able to serve one another and support one another.

For us people are important and by attending the course we got to meet other people who had similar interests to us. It gave us the opportunity to work towards building new friendships in the church.

For anyone coming into the Church for the first time it certainly explains in detail how the Church functions for the good of all who want to be part of the Body of Christ.

Tony & Dee Hunt


Although we have been members of the church for 30 years, we found it refreshing to have everything consolidated.  There were still some new things that we learned.  The presentation was well thought out, interesting and well presented.  We would strongly recommend the course for everybody.

Rob & Bridget Langley