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Craig and Heidi Linden


About Craig and Heidi

While both Heidi and I come from humble backgrounds, we rejoice in the fact that we had strong families, a wonderful upbringing and childhood memories that still enthral us today. Our paths crossed at the Bible Institute of South Africa in Kalk Bay, which is more affectionately known as the Bridal Institute of Stork Bay. True to its name, Heidi and I were married 5 years later where, with great enthusiasm and excitement, we commenced the ministry together. Our first pastorate was Cambridge Baptist Church where I was an assistant to the Rev George Dennison. It was two and a half glorious years! Our second pastorate was at Kloof Baptist Church where we spent 15 wonderfully fruitful and very busy years. Our third pastorate was at Malelane Baptist Church where we spent 10 years.


We have two children – Michal-Maré and Caleb. Michal-Maré is, as the name suggests, God’s precious gift to us. While Caleb in Hebrew means dog, we like to associate that name with Joshua and Caleb, who were known for their courage and obedience. As any mother and father would, we too love our children; we too dote over them; we too try and spend as much time as possible with them; and we too howl our eyes out when they go back to their respective work places.


Heidi is a wonderful wife, an incredible mother, a willing servant and friend to her church family …as well as a qualified primary school teacher. Michal-Mare’ and Caleb are similarly wonderful children, willing servants and ably qualified. As a family we strive to be willing servants of the Lord and his family and those not yet in his family. Our overriding desire is to see the Lord glorified, to help his church understand not only who He is but who they are, and in the light of that, their reason-for-being in life. To this end we give our every breath.